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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Washington Independent » Chris Lilik of Grassroots PA Comments on Specter Switch

"Specter spent several months attempting to win over the base, experiencing slightly more success in Washington than in Pennsylvania by declaring his opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act and introducing (for the second time in two years) a flat tax reform bill. According to Chris Lilik, the editor of the conservative Pennsylvania Website GrassrootsPA.com and 2004 Toomey campaign staffer, Specter hadn’t been gaining ground with that strategy. Lilik pointed to Specter’s statements Tuesday about not wanting to “face the jury” of the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate as proof.
“There were so many issues he just wasn’t smart about,” said Lilik. “”It’s really unfair to blame conservatives for this. His problems with the base were all self-inflicted. He did this to himself.”" Visit:
The Washington Independent » Specter Switch Gives Conservatives Second Thoughts About ‘RINO’ Hunting: Sue Cirba: I applaud Chris Lilik for all he's accomplished with Grassroots PA. I included this article mainly to feature Mr. Lilik. I do not agree with the tone of the article that conservatives are having "second thoughts" about Specter leaving the GOP. True conservatives are celebrating.

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