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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Arlen Specter's party-swapping | Party-hopping | The Economist

"Mr Specter faced a strong challenge in next year’s Republican primary from Patrick Toomey, a fierce conservative who has been ahead of him in the polls by some 20 points, buoyed by white-hot Republican fury at the Obama administration and generously financed by the low-tax, minimal-government lobby, the Club for Growth. And even if he had survived Mr Toomey’s onslaught, he would then have had to perform the difficult trick of moving back to the centre to beat a Democrat. Why subject himself to trial by fire when he could simply switch party?" visit:
Arlen Specter's party-swapping | Party-hopping | The Economist:
Sue Cirba: I don't read the Economist often enough to be familiar with the political leanings of individual authors, but what boggles the mind is the way this author blames Pat Toomey for Specter's defection. Let's instead blame Specter's Machiavellian move on the sort of supreme arrogance that makes Specter care only for himself and democracy be damned! Or perhaps we can blame a certain President G.W.Bush whose support made Specter's last term in office possible.
Rather than a problem, Pat Toomey seems to be the perfect candidate for this political season. In the Obama era of outrageous spending Toomey's committment to
fiscal responsibility is what the nation needs.

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