Monday, October 20, 2014

Pro-abortion Iowa Senate candidate falsely says he opposes late abortions

First, as a member of the House of Representatives Braley voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. H.R. 1797 would provide nationwide protection for unborn children who are capable of feeling pain, beginning at 20 weeks fetal age.
Second, Braley co-sponsored the “Women’s Health Protection Act”—which, as National Right to Life President Carol Tobias told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee back in July, would be more accurately described as the “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act.”  Visit:  Pro-abortion Iowa Senate candidate falsely says he opposes late abortions

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ashley Bridges Made the Ultimate Sacrafice for her Unborn Baby - Please Pray for Ashley

A 24-year old mother, Ashley Bridges, made the ultimate sacrifice for her unborn baby when she denied life-saving chemotherapy treatment for bone cancer. Bone cancer accounts for less than 1% of all cancers, and cancer in young adults is extremely rare. In the United States, 2,300 new cases of bone cancer are diagnosed each year.
ashleybridgesBridges was only 10-weeks pregnant with her daughter Paisley when she found out about her diagnosis. Her doctors recommended that she begin chemotherapy immediately. However, in her case, this would mean ending the life of her unborn baby. Bridges said, “There’s no way I could kill a healthy baby because I’m sick.”
During her third trimester, Bridges was told that delaying treatment had allowed the cancer to spread. Even though she was only in her eighth month of pregnancy, she was told she needed to deliver Paisley immediately so she could begin treatment.
But even with multiple rounds of chemotherapy, her cancer was terminal. Bridges was given less than a year to live.

Do Not Delete! Defending Life at Risk in a Throwaway Culture Nov. 15, 2014 St. Francis University, Loretto, PA (Johnstown)

The Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance, a program of Human Life Alliance, is excited to announce this one day event hosting  a line-up of exceptional speakers covering a wide range of end-of-life topics.

Sponsoring organizations include: Counselors for Life, Altoona, PA, Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cresson, PA
To contact Human Life Alliance call 651-484-1040

Do Not Delete! Defending Life at Risk in a Throwaway Culture

8:00-8:40       Registration
8:40-8:50       Intro/Prayer
8:50-9:50       Julie Grimstad, LPN, Medical Futility and Patient
9:50-10:35     Cristen M Krebs, DNP, ANP-BC, Hospice in the
                      21st Century: A Life Affirming Model
10:35-10:45    Break
10:45-11:30    Loren Kirchner, MD, MS, FACP,Medical Oaths in
                      the Present Day
11:30-12:45    Lunch
12:45-1:45      Dr. Marie Hilliard, MS (Nursing) JCL, PhD, R.N,
                       POLST and basic   
                       principles of Catholic Medical Ethics
 1:45-2:30       David Mills, "My Father's Good Death"
 2:30-3:15       Ralph Capone MD, FACP, Patient Virtue and
                       Healthcare Decision-Making
 3:15-3:30       Break
 3:30-4:30       Panel Discussion/ Q&A
                       (Julie Grimstad, Moderator)

Lunch available in the Torvian Dining Hall building # 47, for $8.75

 Speakers listed in following post.

Healthcare Conference - Do Not Delete - Defending Life at Risk in a Throwaway Culture - Nov. 15, 2014 st. Francis University, Loretto, PA. (Johnstown)

Marie T. Hilliard, JCL, PHD, RN, Director of Bioethics & Public Policy of The National Catholic Bioethics Center, holds graduate degrees in Maternal-Child Health Nursing, Religious Studies, Canon Law, and a Ph.D. in Professional Higher Education Administration, as well as a doctorate in Christian Ethics honoris causa from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. She serves as a resource for the United States Bishops on the implementation of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.
David Mills, has edited both Touchstone andFirst Things magazines, is the author ofDiscovering Mary and the "Catholic Sense"column published in diocesan newspapers. He, his wife, and their four children were received into the Catholic Church in 2001.

Ralph A. Capone, M.D., F.A.C.P. is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, with over 30 years of clinical experience and an abiding interest in American bioethics, its impact on the medical profession and on society. His past experience includes: ethics consultant at two Catholic hospitals, executive experience as the Medical Director of Jeannette Hospital, and Chief Quality Officer and Chief Medical Officer at Excela Health. Dr. Capone developed and taught a course in clinical ethics and he was medical director for a non-profit hospice. Presently he works part-time in palliative care as the medical director of the palliative care consult service at UPMC-McKeesport, teaches Catholic Bioethics at St Vincent College in Latrobe, PA and has published in bioethics. He is on the board of The Pro-life Healthcare Alliance and is a published writer.
Julie Grimstad, LPN, founder and Executive Director of Life is Worth Living Inc., past chair of the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance, a committee of Human Life Alliance(HLA), and on the HLA board of advisors.
Julie addresses all aspects of medical decision-making and patient advocacy. She has served as a volunteer patient advocate for 28 years.
Julie was director of the Center for the Rights of the Terminallyl Ill for 18 years. Julie edits and is a contributing writer to Imposed Death: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, andInformed, A Guide for Critical Medical Decisions, both Human Life Alliance educational supplements available
Julie resides in Bedford, TX with her husband, William, and is the mother of five living children and two in heaven, grandmother of nine and great grandmother of two.

Cristen M. Krebs, DNP, ANP-BC, Catholic Hospice Founder / Executive Director, is a graduate of Robert Morris University's Doctor of Nursing Practice Program with twenty years of end-of-life care experience. In 1997, Dr. Krebs began the first faith-based, nonprofit hospice program serving Pittsburgh and surrounding counties. In May 2007, she incorporated Catholic Hospice, the only pro-life, non-profit hospice in Pittsburgh.
Loren Kirchner, MD, completed his MD at Northeast Ohio Medical University and residency at the Canton Medical Education Foundation in Internal Medicine. Dr. Kirchner is an internist at the Cleveland Clinic and also serves in the US Army. He has been deployed four times during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). Dr. Kirchner's interests include euthanasia, end-of-life concerns in the current cultural climate, and the value of medical oaths.

Pennsylvania Conference Ticket

Call 651-484-1040.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tennessee high school senior student decimates Common Core

PA Author Brings Inspirational Message on Returning Order to America Meet John Horvat, II on September 28, 2014 in Scranton, PA

 PA Author Brings Inspirational Message on Returning Order to America
Meet John Horvat, II on September 28, 2014     St Mary’s Center, 320 Mifflin Ave.,  Scranton, Pa.    3:00pm to 5:00pm 
Don't miss this very important and timely message by Award Winning Author , JOHN HORVAT , entitled, “HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER: The key to bringing America Back to Order. His talk aims to fire up American families with the notion of honoring parents and transforming our culture. As in his book, "Return to Order", Horvat draws from America's rich Christian past to explain the correlation between family, faith, the economy, and moral values. He shows how society's obsession for a secular, materialistic culture is causing social and psychological emptiness and economic ruin. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

TV Show Solves 1997 Case of Pregnant Woman, Unborn Baby Killed the Day She Was to Give Birth

Thanks to some help from TNT’s Cold Justice, Cottonwood, Arizona police arrested Cecilio Cruz, 34, who was respnosible for killing his pregnant girlfriend. Cruz is now charged with the shooting death of his then girlfriend Marisol Gonzalez, who had carried their child nearly to full term. Unfortunately, Cruz could still walk free because police have no physical evidence against Cruz.  Visit:

TV Show Solves 1997 Case of Pregnant Woman, Unborn Baby Killed the Day She Was to Give Birth

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

40 Days for Life: Planned Parenthood Manager Converts, Clinic Closes

Pro Life success story in Texas at spring 40 Days for Life campaign.

The fall campaign starts in a week.

Friday, September 12, 2014

National Right to Life's Ernie Olhoff to Address Scranton Pro-Life Chapter

Scranton Chapter Marks The 40th Anniversary of Its Founding
Banquet to Honor Forty Year Fight for Life!
Four decades and over 55 million abortions since the Roe v. Wade decision of Jan. 22, 1973 legalizing abortion-on-demand in all fifty states, the battle to create a culture of life in America rages on. Locally, that battle has been carried on by the Scranton Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life and on Friday, November 14th, 2014, it will mark the occasion with a Respect Life Banquet at Fiorelli's, 1501 Main St in Peckville, PA. All members, supporters, volunteers, members of the clergy and interested persons are invited to attend and commemorate this major milestone in the history of our fight to uphold the dignity of and respect for human life from conception until its natural end.
It will be a time to honor those whose significant contributions of time, talent, and energy helped make this one of the most pro-life communities in the United States, denying the abortion industry a foothold in Scranton and Lackawanna County, as well as a time to look forward, enjoining a new generation of human rights defenders to take up the pro-life banner.
Ernest Ohlhoff, outreach director for the National Right to Life Committee, Washington D.C. will be featured speaker. He is a former resident of the Poconos in PA, and initially became involved with the Scranton Chapter before moving on to higher positions in the pro-life movement.
Included within the NRLC Outreach Dept. are American Victims of abortion, Religious Outreach, Youth Outreach (Teens and College) and Black Americans and Native Americans for Life.
Reservations for the Banquet may be made by contacting the Scranton Chapter at 570-347-8299 or 343-5099. Tickets cost is $30.00 per person with Dinner being served at 7 PM and cash bar beginning at 6 PM. Advance requests for reservations may be mailed including total amount and number of reservations. Send to PA For Human Life, 506 Broadway, Scranton PA 18505.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Burying the Dead: The Recovery and Burial of 600 Victims of Abortion

Remembering victims of Abortion:  An abortion clinic worker called a pro-life center for help.  "Our “informant,” Don, told us that he was appalled at the way the staff treated the women who came to them for abortions. He said they had no respect for women. And he was shocked to discover that they threw the aborted babies into the garbage dumpster in the alley behind the clinic.
Don also told us that he needed us to protect his identity, as he was afraid for his own life and safety." 
Burying the Dead: The Recovery and Burial of 600 Victims of Abortion

There will be a memorial service in front of the memorial for the unborn at St. Peter's Cathedral, Wyoming Ave. Scranton, PA.  It is a National Day of Remembrance for the Unborn victims of Abortion on Sat. Sept. 13th. at 10 am

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tiny baby undergoes rare heart surgery, prognosis great for “Mighty Girl”

Talk about beating the odds! First, the parents of Alexandra Mae Van Kirk, also known as “Mighty Girl,” find that at 22 weeks their unborn baby girl is not developing as she should. As the months roll by, the prognosis grows worse and worse.  To see a photo of this tiny baby and read her story visit:  Tiny baby undergoes rare heart surgery, prognosis great for “Mighty Girl”

Daughter of Mentally Challenged Reno Woman who was almost forced to abort adopted by Grandparents

Nearly two years after the Washoe County Family Court case that shocked the nation, Cierra Marie, a little girl, whose life was threatened by a potential court ordered abortion, has a forever home.  Visit:

Daughter of Mentally Challenged Reno Woman who was almost forced to abort adopted by Grandparents

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Return of Lapsed Catholics to the Sacraments.Almighty Father,
. You desire not the death of the sinner, but that he may be converted and live.

Pour out upon us Your mercy and hear the prayers of Your servants.
Soften the hearts of Your children who have strayed from the true path which You established for their salvation.
They are now forgetful of their duties as Catholics,
and pursue the pleasures of the world.
Grant that they may quickly return to the practice of every Christian virtue,
so that their lives may shine with the integrity of faith,
the fervor of piety, and the ardor of charity.
Restore them all to Your sacraments and the life of Your grace,
through the merits of the most precious blood of Your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Couple Who Wanted Surrogate to Abort Baby With Down Syndrome Also Wanted Their Money Back

Surrogacy and IVF has objectified procreation. Now, it can be about not just having a baby to unconditionally love, but about ordering a baby that meets specifications.

Case in point: The notorious Australian biological colonialists who paid a Thai agency to hire a surrogate to carry their child, but then abandoned their son when it was discovered he has Down syndrome.

Couple Who Wanted Surrogate to Abort Baby With Down Syndrome Also Wanted Their Money Back

Friday, August 08, 2014

Upper St. Clair couple's Down syndrome advocacy a labor of love

Margie Kondrich was afraid to look at her baby.
In 2003, after giving birth to her daughter, Chloe, in a Pittsburgh hospital, the attending medical staff suddenly turned somber. They told Kondrich that her baby displayed characteristics of Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that went undetected despite five sonograms.

Read more:
Upper St. Clair couple's Down syndrome advocacy a labor of love

Upper St. Clair couple's Down syndrome advocacy a labor of love

Upper St. Clair couple's Down syndrome advocacy a labor of love

Friday, August 01, 2014

A Christian Told Him Abortion Will Never be Stopped, His Response Was Priceless

“Abortion cannot be stopped.” That is what a man said to me as I was
coming out of Mass with the Stand True Mission Team and the walkers from
Crossroads Pro-life Walks Across America.

told him that many people said that slavery would never be made illegal
back in the 1800s. He just ignored that and continued to argue that
abortion will never be outlawed. I tried to explain to him that this
generation is waking up to the truth about the abortion holocaust and
that this would be the generation that will abolish abortion.

He almost seemed annoyed with us for having the audacity to believe
such a thing.  I told him to look at biblical
history and see what God can do.  He just kept repeating that abortion will never be outlawed and I finally asked him, “How big is your God?”  Visit:  A Christian Told Him Abortion Will Never be Stopped, His Response Was Priceless

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dr. Martha Boone: Obamacare Threatens Patients and Doctors

Good explanation of how Affordable Care Act hinders patient care.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act

Ever since her birth, Chloe Kondrich has taken her family on an unexpected journey. Chloe, born with Down syndrome in 2003, has now led the family up the steps of the State Capitol.
This morning in Harrisburg, Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to sign the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act, otherwise known as Chloe’s Law, named after the Upper St. Clair 11-year-old and spearheaded by her father.

Read more:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Abortionist Leroy Carhart Botches Another Abortion, Sends Black Woman to Hospital

An African-American patient of the notorious late-term abortionist
LeRoy Carhart, 72, was transported to the hospital after suffering a
medical emergency at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in
Germantown, Maryland, on Wednesday, July 2, 2014.

This represents the EIGHTH known medical emergency for which Carhart
has been responsible since March, 2012. The recently injured women
include Jennifer Morbelli, who died on Feb. 7, 2013.

Abortionist Leroy Carhart Botches Another Abortion, Sends Black Woman to Hospital

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Judge Closes Abortion Clinic of Doctor Who “Invented” Partial-Birth Abortions

Judge Closes Abortion Clinic of Doctor Who “Invented” Partial-Birth Abortions

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias on Obama Health Care and R...

Nothing has changed.  Obama Care still needs to be repealed.  In the National Right to Life Convention in 2014 one speaker suggested it may be necessary to travel to a foreign country

such as Malaysia to get the care you will not qualify for here

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

National Right to Life Convention, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls

This past weekend I spent three days at the National Right to Life Convention in Louisville, KY.
It was an excellent conference with many speakers I'd heard before and many I didn't.  I was impressed with the woman who spoke about the Girl Scouts and their own resources regarding the sad inclusion of reproductive rights advocacy throughout the Girl Scout organization.  Ann Saladin thoroughly investigated this issue and has created, a website documenting specific concerns about the Girl Scouts

In addition, representatives from American Heritage Girls, an alternative to Girl Scouts, had a booth at the convention.  I was able to speak to a few girls who have been with American Heritage Girls for several years.  They seemed very happy with the American Heritage Girls experience.  You can learn more about this organization at  AHG has 772 Troops across the United States.