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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Townhall.com::A comedian's sigh, the 4th Commandment, and a better New Year::By Michael Medved

Ben Stiller to his wife: "‘When was the last time I got excited over a Friday night?’ I asked Christine, and she said that maybe it was in high school.’”

From a Jewish point of view, Stiller’s comment conveys a strange sense of emptiness, a tinge of sadness—since our tradition views Friday night – the Sabbath – as by far the most significant, most “exciting” night of the week. Though he often portrays Jewish characters on screen (even playing a likeable, lovesick rabbi in Leap of Faith), Stiller’s mother (the gifted comedienne Anne Meara) is Irish Catholic and he claims no particular affiliation with the religious tradition of either parent. It’s not surprising that he’d feel no particular compunction to celebrate Friday night as a special occasion with his family, but his implication that weekends at home count as boring and indistinguishable highlights the deeper need for Sabbath commitments." to read more of Michael Medved's commentary on the Sabbath observance visit:
Townhall.com::A comedian's sigh, the 4th Commandment, and a better New Year::By Michael Medved:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I recently received this tribute from a pro-life leader in the Wyoming Valley. Father Noviello is an example of the many holy priests laboring in the Lord's vineyard. The secular media will never tell their story.

A TRIBUTE TO FATHER NOVIELLO _ Father Anthony Noviello, age 90, died Friday morning, December 15th , 2006, after being stuck by a car during an early morning walk near his Williamsport home. We shall greatly miss you, dear Father Noviello! Father lived an exemplary life as a true Priest of God. He devoted himself for the salvation of those under his care and for all he met. He loved people and worked tirelessly instructing others concerning Church Teachings. He took seriously and preached the heavenly message of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima. One of Father's many legacies was his founding of the annual Rosary Rally in Wyoming Valley. Each year Father would purchase advertising Billboards and would rent the Ica-Rama to accommodate the thousands of pilgrims. Father would literally 'walk the extra miles' in procession through the streets prayerfully, to end abortion. Father Noviello was a master of languages and could superbly explain a particular situation. He would courageously give a most educated discourse on the evil of abortion even in the midst of controversy. Father Noviello was the first true friend of the Pro-Life Center. Many years ago he gave the needed confidence to our President in opening the Center. He was a Priest who practiced what he preached, generously and spontaneously donating to a pro-life project such as sponsoring a whole Bus to the March For Life. Father Noviello was a penitential Priest, one who quietly carried his cross in life. Father Noviello is in the glory of the Father and can now do more for the causes near to his heart. May his reward be great. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Stem-cell prober sacked: Came too close to truth?

"In the midst of growing interest in reports of a gruesome stem-cell and human-organ black market that traffics in newborn babies taken from their mothers, an investigator looking into the matter has been sacked 'for political reasons,' she says, because she was getting too close to the truth." WorldNetDaily: Stem-cell prober sacked: Came too close to truth?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brownback Enters Presidential Race -- GOPUSA

"Ours is an exceptional nation. A nation between two oceans made up of people from every nation on earth. A great nation united by our ideals. But we are a great nation because of our goodness. If we ever lose our goodness, we will surely lose our greatness.

We believe in a culture of life--that every human life is a beautiful, sacred, unique child of a loving God.

We believe in justice for all--at all times.

We believe in liberty.

But the central institutions that best transmit these values--the family and the culture--are under withering attack." TO READ MORE VISIT:
Brownback Enters Presidential Race -- GOPUSA: