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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Develops Strong Pro-Life Record on Abortion as Alaska Governor

As the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin hasn't had many opportunities to address the issue of abortion, but she has promoted a pro-life position when given the opportunity. Palin has appeared to have an attitude focusing on getting pro-life measures approved but making sure they're done right.
The Alaska legislature approved a parental consent bill to help parents know when their minor children are considering an abortion and to give them the ability to veto the abortion."
Sarah Palin Develops Strong Pro-Life Record on Abortion as Alaska Governor: "Anchorage, AK (LifeNews.com) --

Sarah Palin's Feminists for Life Membership Points to Pro-Woman, Pro-Life View

Sarah Palin's Feminists for Life Membership Points to Pro-Woman, Pro-Life View: "Palin, a mother of five, recognized the need to do more than say she opposes abortion and joined the organization.
In August 2006, she told the Anchorage Daily News, she recognized the struggle young women face in an unplanned pregnancy saying, 'no woman should have to choose between her career, education and her child.'"

Michelle Malkin - Governor Palin

Michelle Malkin on Governor Sara Palin, McCain VP
(Also includes a U-Tube video)
"Governor Palin has challenged the influence of the big oil companies while fighting for the development of new energy resources. She leads a state that matters to every one of us – Alaska has significant energy resources and she has been a leader in the fight to make America energy independent.
In Alaska, Governor Palin challenged a corrupt system and passed a landmark ethics reform bill. She has actually used her veto and cut budgetary spending. She put a stop to the “bridge to nowhere” that would have cost taxpayers $400 million dollars."
Palin is an outspoken pro-life advocate and the mother of five including a Downs Syndrome child. For more visit: Michelle Malkin:

McCain Names Alaska Gov. Palin as Running Mate - America’s Election HQ

McCain Names Alaska Gov. Palin as Running Mate - America’s Election HQ "Palin brings to the Republican ticket a resume that challenges conventional wisdom while it plays into the party’s conservative base. Palin is, among other things, a former beauty queen, a mother of five, an abortion opponent, a union member, hockey player and moose hunter. She is said to be a reformer who takes pride in standing up to the “good ol’ boy network,” and she has served as the top ethics watchdog in her state." Visit:
McCain Names Alaska Gov. Palin as Running Mate - America’s Election HQ:

Text: Biden's speech at Democratic National Convention | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

Delaware Senator Joe Biden's speech at the DNC was rather lackluster.
He said of Obama:
"I watched how he touched people, how he inspired them, and I realized he has tapped into the oldest American belief of all: We don't have to accept a situation we cannot bear. We have the power to change it. That's Barack Obama, and that's what he will do for this country. He'll change it."

Cirba: EEK! Here we go again change, change, change! What is so unbearable about living in the United States of American? Why do the Democrat leaders hate this country as they do?
Canadians, the British and probably others with systems of socialized medicine come here for the best health care in the world. Mexicans and others south of our border come here, some legally and some illegally, for jobs and a better education for their children.
We have a system of highways connecting every state...opportunities for higher education for our children... what is it Obama wants to change and why won't he tell us?

The only thing that needs to be changed is America's policy of abortion-on-demand and high taxation. Obama and Biden with their 100% approval ratings from the National Abortion Rights Action League and their socialist leanings will not change either.

For those who wish to read the Biden DNC transcript Visit:
Text: Biden's speech at Democratic National Convention | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bob Casey at the DNC and Transcript

Quotes from Bob Casey at Democrat National Convention: "In a time of danger around the world and economic trouble here at home, I know that Barack Obama will lead us, heal us and help us rebuild the country we love. I know this because I know Barack Obama."
Cirba: As a Catholic you should know better Senator Casey, Jesus Christ will heal our nation, not Senator Obama.

Try again Bob:
"So now let us work together, with a leader who, as Lincoln said, appeals to the better angels of our nature."
Cirba: Better angels? That would mean perhaps that he inspires us to be better than we are, to do noble things???
Reality check:

A tiny preborn baby has just survived an abortion attempt. She raises weak, pathetic cries and gasps for breath.....What would Barack Obama do? Traditional medicine at one time would do everything to save the life of that newborn child.
When we consider Obama helped block a bill (three times)that was designed solely to protect the life of infants already born in Illinois' version of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, he has in effect voted to let babies who survive abortion attempts die.
Don't believe me? Please read the previous posts referencing articles by Paul Kengor and Pat Buchannan. Obama is not likely to inspire anyone to sacrifice for the benefit of others.

A final quote from Senator Casey, "Barack Obama and I have an honest disagreement on the issue of abortion. But the fact that I’m speaking here tonight is testament to Barack’s ability to show respect for the views of people who may disagree with him."
Cirba: I'd rather have Senator Obama show some respect for the infants who survive abortion and afford them the rights they deserve.

Respect for the views of people who disagree? I suppose that's why the Denver police arrested a hundred protesters outside the DNC Tuesday evening. (Not pro-lifers by the way.)
To read the transcript of Casey's speech visit:Bob Casey at the DNC transcript - US Politics and Current Events - Zimbio:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paul Kengor & Jarrett Skorup on Barack Obama & Born Alive Infant Protection Act on National Review Online

"In both 2000 and 2004, it was the so-called moral-religious “values voters” who were crucial to the election of George W. Bush. It is no secret that the Democrats want those voters in 2008. Barack Obama wants them badly. What stands in his way? For Obama, the problem is not so much the Reverend Jeremiah Wright as it is the issue of abortion — consistently the dominant political-social issue in the eyes of conservative Christians, from evangelical Protestants to devout Catholics. Obama’s abortion problem is a reality that has become especially evident in recent weeks, most notably in his public battle with Focus on the Family’s James Dobson."
When Obama voted on the question of what to do with babies who survived an abortion attempt he voted for infanticide and against the Illinois version of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. Visit:
Paul Kengor & Jarrett Skorup on Barack Obama & Born Alive Infant Protection Act on National Review Online:

Democratic National Convention...100 protesters arrested! - Democratic National Convention Protesters - Zimbio

Here is an article about protesters arrested in Denver. It never says what their greviannces are, but it is obvious they are not pro-life as the author refers to the
Denver police as "pigs". I posted this one simply as evidence that the media is not telling us everything about this convention. Visit:

Democratic National Convention...100 protesters arrested! - Democratic National Convention Protesters - Zimbio

A Catholic Case Against Barack - HUMAN EVENTS

Here's a good article by Pat Buchannan which hilight Obama's radical pro-abortion, pro-infanticide record.

"As David Freddoso reports in his new best-seller, 'The Case Against Barack Obama,' the Illinois senator goes further than any U.S. senator has dared go in defending what John Paul II called the 'culture of death.'

Thrice in the Illinois legislature, Obama helped block a bill that was designed solely to protect the life of infants already born, and outside the womb, who had miraculously survived the attempt to kill them during an abortion. Thrice, Obama voted to let doctors and nurses allow these tiny human beings die of neglect and be tossed out with the medical waste."


A Catholic Case Against Barack - HUMAN EVENTS:

Monday, August 18, 2008

FOXNews.com - Obama, McCain differ on abortion

"LAKE FOREST, Calif. — Presidential contenders Barack Obama and John McCain differed sharply on abortion Saturday, with McCain saying a baby's human rights begin 'at conception,' while Obama restated his support for legalized abortion." McCain said, "human rights begin the instant a human egg is fertilized." McCain also called for making adoption easier. The McCains, adopted a daughter from an orphanage run by Mother Theresa. For more on the AP article visit:FOXNews.com - Obama, McCain differ on abortion rights - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum:


Transcripts of the Saddleback Church Civil Forum on the Presidency with John McCain and Barak Obama. The Presidential candidates were questioned on a number of issues including abortion. Transcripts can be found here: ONLINE NEWSROOM: Rick Warren

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bob Casey Jr. to Speak at Democrat Convention, President of the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights Responds

"Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr. will speak at the Democratic National Convention on August 26. His father, Bob Casey, was barred from speaking at the 1992 Democratic National Convention because he was pro-life.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:
“If a Democrat voted with the National Rifle Association two out of every three times, no one in his right mind would call that person an advocate of gun control. Yet Bob Casey, Jr., who has a NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League)voting record of 65 percent Casey's NARAL record —meaning that he votes with the radical pro-abortion group two out of every three times—is somehow considered pro-life. Casey can mouth the virtues of pro-life all he wants, but at the end of the day what matters is his voting record." Visit: Catholic League: For Religious and Civil Rights:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Operation Rescue Troopers Run Amok, Conduct Mass Arrest of Pro-lifers In Maryland

Bel Air, MD – Eighteen pro-lifers participating in the Maryland Face the Truth Tour were arrested without warning by Hartford County State Troopers in the city of Bel Air, Maryland on Friday, August 1, 2008.

It was during the last tour stop of the week-long event, sponsored by Defend Life. when a State Trooper named Bradley approached the group and told them to move and put away their signs or they would be arrested. In an effort to comply, group leader Jack Ames gathered the group and moved down the road, into the city limits of Bel Air, Maryland.

The group stood peacefully on public property and did not “march” into the street as one news organization erroneously reported. Without warning, an estimated twenty patrol cars arrived on the scene and began arresting pro-life participants without a word. Those arrested were not told what they were being charged with, nor were they read their rights.

One of the women who participated in the tour overheard a police radio conversation where an unknown person told the troopers to make the arrests and that they would “figure out later” what charges would be filed.

At least two people suffered medical problems after having to sit for over a half hour with metal handcuffs that were too tight.

Two minors in the group were soon released, but the adults were held overnight. The men and women were held in two separate cells, but could hear each other. They passed the hours joining together in singing Christian hymns. The last of the pro-lifers were released on Saturday, August 2, at about 10:45 AM.

The group was eventually charged with loitering, failure to obey a lawful order, and disorderly conduct.

“There was some question about whether or not the group had a ‘demonstration permit.’ Are law enforcement officers now imitating the oppressive tactics that are used in Beijing or Tehran? The First Amendment of the Constitution is demonstration permit enough,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who had participated in the Maryland tour earlier in the week. “This is an open and shut case of officers who ran amok, and trampled upon the constitutional rights of their victims. Hartford County can expect to have to answer for these civil rights violations in court.”

View photos at:
Operation Rescue » Blog Archive » Troopers Run Amok, Conduct Mass Arrest of Pro-lifers In Maryland:
Reprinted with permission Operation Rescue.