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Monday, April 13, 2009

Abortion - Pro Life - Easter Hope

A very insightful Easter message from Father Pavone:
"As the Church continues to deal with the tragedy of abortion, she faces not only a sin against life, but a sin against hope. We do not see 'abortion' walking down the street. What we see is a woman, a child of God, who is caught in the grip of despair. Even if she knows abortion is wrong, as most do, she sees no other way out. She, too, is in grief. She feels she must choose between the baby's life and her life. The prospect of having the child is, psychologically, like a 'death' to her: a death to her plans, her freedom, her future.
Grief does strange things. It can blind us to the value of the child." Visit:
Abortion - Pro Life - Easter Hope:

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