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Monday, December 22, 2008

Pro-Abortion Med Student Shrinks away from Practice after "Disturbingly Brutal" Procedure

"Though she had practiced the procedure as a student at the University of Maryland School of Medicine by scraping out a piece of fruit with razor-sharp abortion instruments, Lesley Wojcik learned that her training could never have prepared her for a real abortion.
What caught her off-guard, says the second-year med student, was the brutality of a procedure that subjects women to extreme pain.
In a Washington Post article detailing her journey to become an abortionist, Wojcik describes how during her first witnessed abortion, she recoiled in horror as the mother began letting out blood-curdling screams. The woman, who was 'in obvious pain,' had been only partially sedated, and the ordeal was so disturbing that Wojcik says she nearly vomited."Pro-Abortion Med Student Shrinks away from Practice after "Disturbingly Brutal" Procedure:

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