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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Prenatal Extermination of Children With Down Syndrome by Kurt Kondrich

"Recently I read an article about how scientists are going to use an outer space satellite to monitor the kangaroo rat which is an endangered species. The article states: “It allows us to more quickly recognize whether populations are declining where we want them to exist. “If they go below a threshold, that is when we would consider intervening.” I have a beautiful five-year-old daughter Chloe who has Down Syndrome, and she has brought immeasurable good and light into the world. Because of the refining of and increase in prenatal testing children with Down Syndrome are also an endangered species with a 90%+ abortion rate once identified in the womb. Chloe’s unique human species could very well become extinct in another generation if attitudes are not changed." Visit:
The Prenatal Extermination of Children With Down Syndrome:

1 comment:

Joe said...

I really think we need to wage a major public education campaign, focusing on the fact that there are large numbers of parents who are willing to adopt Downs Syndrome children.

I think this would by itself greatly reduce the rate of killing these kids.

Get on television, get public service announcements, get free publicity, get the message out.

If Blago can go on many television shows, so can Downs Syndrome baby advocates.