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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Bulletin > Philadelphia's Family Newspaper > Local Groups Prepare To Defend Life In Washington

"Two weeks before the largest pro-life rally in the world, local groups are gearing up to embark on their own journeys to Washington, D.C. for the 36th annual March for Life. The reason pro-lifers go to the March is the same, but their memories, years of experience and thoughts for this year’s focus are different. Also, even after more than three decades since Roe v. Wade legalized the abortion of now over 50 million unborn children, efforts to witness to life at the march are still very grassroots.

There is no registration for the march and if groups or churches do not organize their own trips, many people carpool on their own.

The three main pro-life headquarters in the area: Chester and Bucks counties’ Pro-Life Coalitions and the Pro-Life Union of Southeastern Pennsylvania have participated in the March for Life for many years. Chester County Pro-Life Coalition and Pro-Life Union members attend the March using their own means, but the Bucks group organizes bus trips for local parishes. Leaders in each group are March veterans and faithfully return yearly with zeal." The story continues:
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