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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Romney's FREE Abortions

 "RomneyCare Now Funding FREE Abortions: 
      A Disqualifier for Mitt Romney’s Candidacy
By Amy L. Contrada
March 7, 2012

     RomneyCare now offers free elective surgical abortions.
     Mitt Romney was the enabler. This is how his government-dictated health plan is playing out. And he’s still proud of it. When he does touch on defects in his health plan, he never mentions abortion coverage as a problem. He’s either fine with it, or realizes he has to downplay it to get the conservative vote.
    When the law was first implemented, there was a $50 copay for a RomneyCare elective surgical abortion. Now RomneyCare abortions are "free" for a $0 copay (or $50-$100 in some plans). In fact, the $0 copay shows up as early as 2008 at the Massachusetts Health Care Connector site. (The "Commonwealth Care" plans cover low-income residents, many of whom pay no monthly premiums.)"  Visit:

Romney's FREE Abortions:

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