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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rationing in the Reid Senate Health Care Bill - Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics

The Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics has an article about rationing in the Senate health care bill. Concerning price controls (Medicare)the Powell Center is concerned that, "The Reid bill includes the House provision that would effectively allow the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to bar senior citizens from adding their own money, if they choose, to the government contribution to get private-fee-for-service Medicare Advantage (MA) plans less likely to ration life-saving treatment."
S.K.C.-Can anyone tell me what the purpose of such legislation is except to insure that the maximum number of senior citizens die from lack of treatment. This is the United States of America. Senior citizens just like anyone else should be allowed to spend their money as they wish. And if some are prudent enough to purchase supplemental health insurance so they will receive the care they need whether or not government programs provide it, more power to them. The Reid health care bill is undemocratic. For an excellent explaination of how the Reid Bill promotes rationing read the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics blog Visit:
Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics

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