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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mikulski Healthcare Amendment with Abortion Loophole Passes 61-39 - Jill Stanek

"Mikulski healthcare amendment with abortion loophole passes 61-39
UDPATE, 12:23: Specifics on the Mikulski abortion loophole from a DC source:
Pro-life leaders opposed the amendment because it provides authority that could be used to mandate abortion coverage in private insurance plans. It specifies that anything classified as preventive care or screenings for women by the Health Resource and Services Administration would become a mandated covered service. Therefore, if HRSA recommended abortion as a preventive care, insurance plans would have to cover abortion.
Pro-life organizations advocated for simple language to ensure abortion would not be mandated, but no clarifying language was added." Visit: ShareThis: "Mikulski healthcare amendment with abortion loophole passes 61-39

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