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Monday, June 15, 2009

Penguins fans pack Downtown for parade - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

My husband and I and our daughters spent the weekend in Pittsburgh re-living the type of vacations we took when our children were small. We visited my brother, went to Kennywood Park, and other Pittsburgh attractions, then Lakemont Park in Altoona on the drive home. As we were leaving Kennywood Park on Friday, a loud cheer went up among park visitors who had been listening to the hockey game. It was no mere hockey game, but the quest fot the Stanely Cup! Fans throughout Pittsburgh were wearing their hockey, football or baseball jerseys. I would have loved to stay in Pittsburgh for todays 'City of Champions' parade but could not. I have posted the video from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for hockey fans to enjoy. Visit:
Penguins fans pack Downtown for parade - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Pittsburgh police said as many as 375,000 people attended today's 'City of Champions' parade for the Penguins, about 25,000 more than February's Super Bowl victory parade honoring the Steelers.
'You deserve to be called 'The City of Champions,'' said team captain Sidney Crosby."

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