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Sunday, June 21, 2009

ABC International Reports: "Iranian TV: 'Terrorists' Die; Ex-President's Daughter Arrested" - ABC News

"There are reports of fresh protest marches in Tehran Sunday, a day after violent unrest that left at least 13 people dead in clashes between Iran election demonstrators and the state security forces sent to shut them down."
Sue Cirba: People have been arrested when they went to the hospitals for treatment. Nothing said about whether they received treatment for their injuries. Notice the outrageous Headline ABC International uses. Why are they siding with Iranian TV in calling these freedom fighters "terrorists"? NOTICE ALSO THAT ALL THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO FIGHT WITH ARE ROCKS. This is the way dictators like their subjects - unarmed.
ABC does have a good video found at the link which follows. Please leave a comment and complain about their headline. Remember folks, the Obama administration has already labeled pro-lifers as terrorists and believe it or not I've already heard several of our fellow citizens call us terrorists as well. Visit:
Iranian TV: 'Terrorists' Die; Ex-President's Daughter Arrested - ABC News:

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