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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Pro-Life Cartoon and Commentary by John Francis Borra

Commentary by John F. Borra: Spreading the truth about contraception is my thing. Unlike abortion, contraception is an evil with which I have firsthand experience. And shaking sense into others about the deep and enduring personal pain it causes, as well as its terrible, inevitable global ramifications, is a special mission I've chosen within the larger pro-life movement.

Unbelievably, this scourge goes almost unrecognized even today. This, despite the devastating impact it's already wrought across the globe, especially within the industrialized nations of the west, where endemic populations are rapidly collapsing.

Pope Paul VI tried warning us about contraception in 1968 with the encyclical Humanae Vitae, arguably the greatest single gift the Holy Spirit gave the world through Peter's 261st successor. The world hated His Holiness for it... and is only just beginning to pay the price. Everything Pope Paul warned would occur in the wake of widespread contraception has happened. The first bitter fruits of this evil-- vast promiscuity, abortion-on-demand, domestic violence, broken marriages and families, industrialized pornography, to name just some -- were enculturated almost immediately. The latest consequences-- massive, unregulated migrations across North American borders and violent clashes between growing immigrant populations and shrinking endemic populations in Europe-- have been making headlines in recent years. Still, these are very mild problems compared to the storms brewing on the horizon.

I've often wondered whether contraception is not, in fact, a greater sin than abortion. Awful as the taking of human life is, contraception denies its very creation. Could there be a greater affront to the Almighty? I recently put this question to Fr. Frank Pavone at Priests for Life. His answer, which he supported with comments made by John Paul II, was that abortion is the greater of the two evils. However, he added (and I'm paraphrasing) that if you're gonna burn in Hell, does it really matter whether it's because you aborted or because you contracepted?

And let's keep in mind that many forms of contraception don't just prevent fertilization, but cause abortions, as well. The IUD, by the way, is not a contraceptive; it's strictly a means of abortion.

With their countries' populations collapsing, you'd think leaders of the industrialized world would at least say something, if not do something about it. Quite the contrary; their myopia has them firmly focused on such hypotheticals as Al Gore's carbon emissions. In one of his first acts as US president, Barack Obama authorized spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to stifle foreign populations. US House majority leader Nancy Pelosi, convinced children are bad for the economy, wants to spend even more to stamp out childbirth at home. This, even while scraping the barrel to fund astronomical bailouts.

Who do they think will fund their programs as barren taxpayers age and retire?

The answer is clear: no one. Rather than increase revenues, they'll decrease expenditures. For Pelosi, Obama and their fellow utilitarians, killing is once again the answer. Just like they sold abortion to a generation indoctrinated in women's rights, they'll sell euthanasia to a shrinking electorate saddled with trillions in debt and a graying generation of unproductive consumers. This will dovetail neatly with today's call for government-mandated universal health care. Just as "reproductive health care" became a euphemism for dismembering the unborn, "geriatric health care" will become the polite term for smothering the elderly.

In fact, euthanasia is not uncommon in American hospitals today. It's simply kept hush-hush, like abortion was in the years leading up to Roe. All that's needed is to codify it, as some states have begun doing. Needless to say, we can't expect the Supreme Court to intervene on behalf of life; that's the body that somehow found an excuse to slaughter children in the Constitution.

And having found that, they can find an excuse to justify anything.

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