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Monday, October 06, 2008

Biden's Unreported Hypocrisy - HUMAN EVENTS

This brilliant analysis of Biden's debate performance is a must-read as well as a reminder to pro-lifers. From Human Events:
"Not a single analyst in a major press organ will call your attention to Joe Biden’s monstrous act of moral depravity, revealing in two distinct ways separate pathways of Democrat hypocrisy and cynicism.
Here is what happened. The penultimate question to the candidates was: is there any position you changed while in office upon achieving new insights into the legislative process? Biden said yes. When he arrived in the Judiciary Committee, he brought with him a belief from law school. It held that if a President nominates a qualified jurist for the Supreme Court, the Senate was bound to confirm the nominee. He soon came to conclude that ideology should also be considered as a factor, so he proudly fought the elevation of Judge Robert Bork to the court."
Biden went from a bi-partisan method of judges and decided that would no longer do - "every confirmation hearing would now become a partisan wrangle." For the complete article visit: Biden's Unreported Hypocrisy - HUMAN EVENTS:
And if you can't remember where Biden's lesson leads, remember Joe Biden was the Chairman of the Senate's Confirmation Hearings of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

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