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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Associated Press: Palin: Mortgage plan not a handout, but a hand up and I'll tell you what the press left out.

The following is your typical mainstream media account of the Sarah Palin visit to Scranton, PA. As one wouuld expect any references to love of family and love of country are ignored.
The crowd was amazing and in singing the national anthem nearly everyone had his hand over his heart in stark contrast to a photo of Obama making the rounds on the internet. American flags: large ones were draped on the stadium walls and small ones were held by supporters of McCain/Palin. Contrast that with the recent images of Obama's campaign where he seems to have created his own flag which includes a round red circle - does that remind anyone of something?
Sarah and her husband and Lee Greenwood too, were all incredibly gracious spending a good 20 minutes signing campaign signs, t-shirts, etc. and shaking hands with the overwhelmingly supportive crowd. And of course Sarah Palin's pledge to be an advocate for special needs children is omitted in the following article - but hey, their photos are better than mine:

"SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said Tuesday that her running mate John McCain's plan to reduce or eliminate taxes and help distressed homeowners with their mortgages will 'get this economy moving again.'
At a raucous rally in Scranton, Palin said McCain's mortgage proposal is 'not a handout, but a hand up' to help financially overwhelmed Americans hang on to their homes."
The Associated Press: Palin: Mortgage plan not a handout, but a hand up:

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