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Friday, July 04, 2008

America | The National Catholic Weekly - A Sexual Revolution

One woman's journey from pro-choice atheist to pro-life Catholic
By Jennifer Fulwiler | JULY 7, 2008 is a fascinating article. It can help pro-life people understand why ending abortion is such a long difficult process. (In the 1970's we used to think all it would take to change hearts and minds was to show people pictures of unborn babies!)Jennifer Fulwiler's story should also help pro-lifers realize why politicians aren't going to solve the problem of abortion. Jennifer Fulwiler writes: "B ack in my pro-choice days, I read that in certain ancient societies it was common for parents to abandon unwanted newborns, leaving them to die of exposure. I found these stories to be as perplexing as they were horrifying. How could this happen? I could never understand how entire cultures could buy into something so obviously terrible, how something that modern society understands to be an unthinkable evil could be widely accepted among large groups of people." She goes on to describe how her view of abortion and the value she placed on "fetuses" was tied to her view of God and of sex. The article continues:
America | The National Catholic Weekly - A Sexual Revolution:

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