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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Will you fight for Pennsylvania marriage?

A post from my friend Mary Ann: 
Will you fight for Pennsylvania marriage?
Please contact Governor Corbett right now
and let him know you insist he appeal the homosexual “marriage” ruling
!!  717-787-2500 (Policy Office 1-717-772-9003, Corbett's Philadelphia Office 1-215-560-2640,
Corbett's Pittsburgh Office 1-412-565-5700.)
Wed., Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said he will not appeal Tuesday’s ruling by a federal judge that overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage.

IMHO this is unconscionable!!  Corbett had 30 days to appeal the ruling to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and could have asked Jones to stay his ruling until an appeal was heard.....  In this most serious, society altering  matter,  It is  prudent to let the dust settle and ask for help for an appeal from the  brilliant, courageous  constitutional attorneys and legal scholars that collectively are working on this very same issue to defend traditional marriage????    
From Corbett's statement:“Given the high legal threshold set forth by Judge Jones in this case, the case is extremely unlikely to succeed on appeal,”   ( Unlikely does not mean impossible!!)  “Therefore, after review of the opinion and on the advice of my Commonwealth legal team, I have decided not to appeal Judge Jones’ decision. “As a Roman Catholic, the traditional teaching of my faith has not wavered. (It just did!!) I continue to maintain the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman. My duties as Governor require that I follow the laws as interpreted by the courts and make a judgment as to the likelihood of a successful appeal.  ( Apparently the THE LAW allows for an appeal! )

“Throughout the debate on this important and meaningful issue, I have maintained that Commonwealth officials and agencies would follow the provisions of Pennsylvania’s marriage law unless or until a court says otherwise. The court has spoken,  (one liberal justice has spoken! )and I will ensure that my administration follows the provisions of Judge Jones’ order with respect for all parties. It is my hope that as the important issue of same-sex relationships continues to be addressed in our society, that all involved be treated with respect.” (Empty Rhetoric!!   As in a cancer that is metastasizing if left unchecked, This unchallenged decision in Pa. joins the 18 other states in the systematic well orchestrated destruction of the family, area of adoption, education, freedom of speech etc!  It was important to seize the moment  NOW   while the opportunity  presented itself! ) 

Dear Friends,

U.S. District Judge John Jones has ruled against
Pennsylvania’s real marriage law.

This fight all started last year when your state
attorney general Kathleen Kane refused to do her
job and defend real marriage when it was challenged
in court.

Next, a local county clerk went rouge and started
 issuing marriage licenses to whomever he liked.

Public Advocate supporters rallied, but Governor
Corbett only took limited action.

And now, he is refusing to appeal Judge Jone’s

Please contact the governor’s office right away
and insist that he do everything in his power to
preserve Pennsylvania’s real marriage law.
For the Family!

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