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Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama in Scranton

Ho-hum!  Obama makes another appearance in Scranton.  This time he announces the beginning of the take over of the colleges and universities  under the guise of keeping college costs down - Yeah, just like he's saving us money on insurance premiums with Obamacare.  Of course the ill-informed Scrantonians who attended the event cheered at the thought of repaying loans as a percentage of money they are making.  Don't they realize the less you pay on your loans, the more you have to pay in interest? How about real jobs as a solution to paying college debt?  You know, the kind that give you a 40 hour work week or more and insurance paid by your employer?  Oops!  Silly, me, Obamacare got rid of that kind of a job.

Anyway what Obama's rating system for colleges is sure to do over time is to deny students who attend Christian colleges government loans and grants.

Pro-lifers and patriots may want to know that at least 40 protesters greeted Obama as he came into Scranton with signs like Impeach Obama and Honk 2 impeach Obama.  Additional protesters were across town.  The positive response we received from persons driving by was very encouraging.  Don't expect to see any photos on the evening news.  I'll post some when I get photos.

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