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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bypassing Congress leads to dictatorship - Standard Speaker

An interesting article, "Bypassing Congress leads to dictatorship" by Judge Correale Stevens appeared in the January 13, 2013 opinion column of the Hazleton Standard Speaker.  Stevens is a former member of the Pa. House of Representatives and instructor of political science at Penn State Hazleton Campus.  To quote from the article, 
"Just because a president wins re-election does not give a president authority to rule our county by executive order  
     Such a powerful tool is especially disturbing in any lame duck president who does not have to account to the voters directly again.
     A democracy might not always be efficient. But the process must be open for discussion, public input, challenge and compromise. A president "by the stroke of a pen" bypassing the duly elected House and Senate members becomes a dictator, a king.
     To have a chief executive bypass Congress by executive order goes against our history as a democratic country and makes a mockery of all the veterans who sacrificed their lives to protect our democratic form of government."  Visit:   Bypassing Congress leads to dictatorship - Standard Speaker


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