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Monday, November 05, 2012

It's All about the Supreme Court

Will the day ever come when human life is respected and
protected by law from the moment of conception?  That depends
on who gets to name the new members of the Supreme Court
in the next four years.  Most Americans pay little attention to
politics and many are still unaware that abortion is legal through
all nine months of pregnancy.  ABORTION is the absolute
right to kill a child in the womb up to the moment of birth, for
any or no reason at all!!!  Most Americans are also unaware of the
fact that unborn children feel pain Operation Rescue’s President

Troy Neumann recently wrote about the Supreme Court:  “The
appointment of one or more new Supreme Court Justices…. is
almost certain to happen in the next four years because of the
age and/or health of several of the Justices.”   Neumann wrote.
“Here are the facts, once again, about the current Supreme
Court line-up...Ruth Bader Ginsburg (proabortion) is 79 and has cancer.
Anthony Kennedy (pro-life to ‘moderate’) is 76.  Antonin Scalia
(pro-life) is 76.  Stephen Breyer (pro-abortion) is 74.Clarence
Thomas (pro-life) is 64.  Samuel Alito (pro-life) is 62.  John Roberts
(pro-life) is 58.  Sonia Sotomayor (very pro-abortion) is 58 and Elena
Kagan (radically pro-abortion) is 52.” Neumann said.  “As you
can see, there are at least four members of the Court that could
(or should) be retiring in the next 4 years. So if even one of them
retires in the next 4 years, whoever is President will be able to forge
the destiny of the United States regarding abortion. Since the
recent Supreme Court cases that  have challenged Roe have come in
consistently at 5-4, just one of the pro-abortion Justices needs to be
replaced with a pro-life Justice... and it’s all over for Roe v. Wade.”
Neumann believes.   Neumann points to the fact that former
Justice Thurgood Marshall in his published memoirs, explained that
on quite a few occasions, Roe v. Wade was very close to being
overturned by the current Court, to bolster his position.  The two
Supreme Court Justices named by Barack Obama are Sonia
Sotomayor who is very pro-abortion and Elena Kagan who is
radically pro-abortion Should Obama be re elected, many more
millions of unborn children will be killed by abortion   for many
years to come as Obama will inevitably name justices who share
his pro-abortion views.

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