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Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden accused of being disrespectful in vice presidential debate with grins, laughs | Fox News

Read any mainstream media article on the vice-presidential debate last night and you will see Biden described as 'feisty' or 'passionate'.  The man was just plain rude, and having no substance to his arguments and a dismal record to avoid, Biden's strategy seemed to be 'do everything to keep Ryan from making his points.' Fox has a balanced article I've linked to..

As someone who was born in Scranton, raised in two Scranton suburbs, and moved back to Scranton as an adult, I wish the Democrats and the press would stop referring to Biden as coming from Scranton.   Biden left Scranton when he was eight years old.  Biden is an embarrassment as his condescending debate performance proved.  Scrantonians had nothing to do with launching Biden's political career or electing him to the Senate.  So please, blame Delaware!  

From FOX News:  "Vice President Biden was aggressive in taking on Paul Ryan in their debate Thursday in a way President Obama wasn't last week against Mitt Romney, but Biden's smile may have stolen some of his thunder.

The vice president, especially toward the beginning of the debate in Kentucky, could be seen grinning and laughing -- some have said smirking -- during Ryan's answers, as he prepared to dismiss Ryan's points as "impossible" and "malarkey."" Visit:

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