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Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Constitution Began 225 Years Ago Today - Read Constitutional Countdown

"The remarkable four months that gave us the Constitution began 225 years ago, today, on May 25, 1787. State delegates gathered to discuss ways to replace the failing Articles of Confederation. The process proceeded in several stages. One scholar on the Constitution Convention Gordon Lloyd divides the summer into a four-act drama.
Act I (May 1787) centers around the Virginia Plan, which was a proposal for a bicameral legislature, with representation based on state populations.  The New Jersey Plan, by contrast, proposed a unicameral legislature with equal representation for all states. " Visit the Heritage Foundation at:
Constitutional Countdown:

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Mater Dei said...

The President, who seeks to destroy the Constitution, has a great surprise awaiting him in November. He will see how Americans feel about having their rights snatched from them. Picking fights with the Catholic Church is lose-lose. The Romans found out the hard way, as has every other institution that has tried to bury the Church over the last 2,000 years.