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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

America at the Rubicon

"America at the Rubicon-For the past 40 years – roughly the period of time that Democrats have been an unserious confederacy – Republicans have grown used to a certain smallness in chief executives from the opposition party. Jimmy Carter gave us a sense of malaise. With Bill Clinton, it was a kind of repellent amusement. All things considered, it was hard to feel too threatened when there was a through-the-looking-glass quality to the man in the Oval Office.
Not so Barack Obama. Talk to conservatives throughout America and you’ll hear two emotions: fear and sadness. Fear because many believe that the president’s agenda represents an inflection point in the nation’s history. Sadness because there is a lingering suspicion that once down this road we can never turn back." Visit:
America at the Rubicon:

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