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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pro-lifers' sting tags more AZ abortion clinics (OneNewsNow.com)

"A student-led nonprofit has released more undercover videos of Planned Parenthood workers offering an abortion to someone posing as an underage girl, allegedly concealing statutory rape in the process.

Lila Rose of Live Action, who posed as a teenager along with another young woman, told workers that she had been impregnated by a 27-year-old man -- information that the workers essentially ignored. She explains that this latest video 'shows the fourth and the fifth Planned Parenthood clinic covering up the sexual abuse of a very young girl -- in this case a 15-year-old girl.' Both of the clinics are located in Phoenix, Arizona. (See YouTube video of visits to Phoenix clinics)" Visit:
Pro-lifers' sting tags more AZ abortion clinics (OneNewsNow.com):

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