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Monday, November 10, 2008

Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc

Election analysis by Lowman Henry of Pennsylvlania's Lincoln Institute:
"The Republican Party nationally, and in Pennsylvania, lies in tatters today. Having lost the White House to Barack Obama, suffered historic losses in Congressional elections, been almost shut-out in statewide races, and experienced further erosion in the state House there is no doubt the GOP has hit rock bottom.
It is, most significantly, a loss for so-called moderate Republicanism. Party moderates have opined time and again that a more middle-of-the-road Presidential candidate could win Pennsylvania. McCain was touted as that candidate. He lost by 11% – far worse than the George W. Bush losses in either 2000 (5%) or 2004 (3%)." Visit:
Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc:

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