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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catholic.net - A Tale of 2 Down Syndrome Babies

First Baby, Trig Palin: "Sarah Palin, a mother of four in her 40s, a governor, a very busy working woman who already “had it all,” was told only 10 months ago that the child she was carrying in her womb had Down syndrome. True to her principles and integrity, she chose life when other mothers choose abortion. That baby, born in April, is now a member of her family. It was a choice that has thrilled pro-lifers and has excited them more than any other aspect of the Palin pick.

Second Baby, the nameless baby left to die at Christ Medical Center, Oaklawn, Il: Nurse Jill Stanek witnessed the death of this child born by abortion and testified before Obama’s committee in the Illinois Senate: Stanek said of the baby, “He was too weak to move very much,expending any energy he had trying to breathe."
Sen. Barak Obama was unfazed by her sad testimony of cradling a newborn baby who had just survived an abortion but was refused medical care." To read Dr. Paul Kengore's article visit:
Catholic.net - A Tale of 2 Down Syndrome Babies:

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