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Friday, November 11, 2005

President Bush's Veteran's Day Speech 2005 at Tobyhanna Army Depot and a Word of Encouragement for the Pro-Life Movement

This weekI received a message...call back it's important. Returning the call, I found that I received an invitation to attend President Bush's Veteran's Day Speech at Tobyhanna Army Depot. I was honored. While asking for the morning off work, I discovered that Helen Gohsler, the Pa. for Human Life Scranton Chapter President, received an invitation to greet the President at the airport. This speaks volumes about the President's commitment to the pro-life movement. The issue and the movement is important to him.
This morning at the airport Helen shook the President's hand. She told him she was there to represent the pro-life movement in northeast Pennsylvania. The President shook her hand and moved on to greet the next person, then turned back and said to Helen, "Stay strong". I believe this is a message for all of us in the movement from the President.

More on the Veteran's day speech will be posted over the weekend.


A Christian Prophet said...

Thank you. If anyone would have needed to stay strong recently, it would have been President Bush. I like the Holy Spirit's answer to Democrats: no praise is due to those who forgo right in favor of expedience.

Doctor Rick said...

Bush is a patriot with a heart which bleeds red white and blue. He is a great leader.