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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Informed Consent Laws and the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Some states include the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link in Informed Consent Laws:
In 1995, Louisiana enacted a law protecting a woman’s right to know about abortion and fetal development. It became the FIRST STATE IN THE NATION to include information on the abortion breast cancer connection in its information booklet given to pregnant mothers considering abortion.
Montana enacted a law in 1995 to expressly require that abortionists inform women of the relationship between abortion and breast cancer.
In 2003, Texas enacted legislation to require abortion providers to provide informed consent to women seeking abortion. The law went into effect Jan.1, 2004.The information booklet, "A Woman’s Right to Know", published by the Texas Department of Health states: "Your chances of getting breast cancer are affected by your pregnancy history. If you have carried a pregnancy to term as a young woman, you may be less likely to get breast cancer in the future. However you do not get the same protective effect if your pregnancy is ended by an abortion."

The 43 million abortions since 1973 were not without effect. Forty-three million people who were supposed to be a part of American society, and would have been between the ages of newborn and 32 by now are no longer alive. So are some of their mothers. A few lost their lives due to immediate complications of their abortions. Some lost their lives to breast cancer years later. Five percent of breast cancers can be attributed to a woman’s abortion. Estimated new breast cancer patients in the U.S. in 2004 is 215,900 for women. This means about 10,795 cases of breast cancer a year could have been avoided. Women deserve to know the truth about the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link. For further information contact www.bcpinstitute.org

For pro-life leaders: Did you know that Public Service Announcements for radio are available on the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link? Contact www.bcpinstitute.org/resources.htm These ads can be run on college radio, Christian radio or your local radio stations.

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