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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Resources

With the "Race for the Cure" coming up in September, women will again turn their attention to the cure of breast cancer. Everyone has heard the old addage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". While raising money to find a cure for breast cancer is admirable, wouldn't women be better off if they were educated about the causes of breast cancer so as to prevent the disease? Education empowers women to make lifestyle choices to promote better health.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute educates women about the factors which increase a woman's risk for developing breast cancer. Hereditary factors are not the only ones that lead to the development of the disease. Many lifestyle choices lead to an increased risk for breast cancer and these can be avoided. The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute has produced a booklet on the subject, "Breast Cancer Risks and Prevention", which has come out in a second, revised edition. It informs women of lifestyle choices that increase breast cancer risk. If you have a daughter, wife, mother, sister, or friend that you care about, buy the booklet. It's only $3.00. Visit www.bcpinstitute.org and click on Resources for ordering information.
The first edition of the booklet can be read online at the same web site by clicking the Online Publications Tab.
What is the single most avoidable risk for breast cancer? You guessed it! It's abortion.

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