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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Terri Schiavo Foundation

The Terri Schiavo Foundation which was created to save the life of the woman who was starved and dehydrated by order of the Florida Courts, will continue to operate to work to save the lives of other disabled Americans. While the web site is being revamped, a posted statement from the Schindler Family concerning Terri's autopsy results is worth reading. Visit
www.terrisfight.org/statement.html . Rarely will the media report from the Schindler's perspective. According to the Schindler's statement, the medical examiner's report "confirms THAT TERRI WAS NOT TERMINAL, THAT TERRI HAD NO LIVING WILL, THAT TERRI HAD A STRONG HEART AND THAT TERRI WAS BRUTALLY DEHYDRATED TO DEATH."

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