It may not be too late to reverse the abortion pill (Mifeprex or RU-486) – call 1-877-558-0333

Monday, February 28, 2011

Trust Beck but Verify -A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto

Glenn Beck always says after each show, don't believe me - look it up yourself. Today on Beck's TV show he compared Hiroshema to Detroit. Hiroshima although destroyed in World War II was rebuilt by capitalists and is a thriving city. According to Beck, Detroit has been run by Democrats for 50 years and is a run down city. Beck showed only five photos, that's not enough to be conclusive. I decided to look it up and found You-Tube videos of the Detroit Ghettos. It is hard to believe a city without having gone through a war, can look this bad.

Friday, February 25, 2011

U.S. Taxpayer Funds to Planned Parenthood

Sue Cirba Reports:
The following table shows the amount of federal funds given
to Planned Parenthood for each fiscal year. The figures were
reported in the Congressional Research Service Report for
Congress, Title X (Public Health Service Act) Family Planning
Program. August 4, 2008, A. Napili
Table 1. Title X Family Planning Program Appropriations
(in millions)
Fiscal Year Appropriation
1971 - $6.0
1972 - $61.8
1973 - $100.6
1974 - $100.6
1975 - $100.6
1976 - $100.6
1977 - $113.0
1978 - $135.0
1979 - $135.0
1980 - $162.0
1981 - $161.7
1982 - $124.2
1983 - $124.1
1984 - $140.0
1985 - $142.5
1986 - $136.4
1987 - $142.5
1988 - $139.7
1989 - $138.3
1990 - $139.1
1991 - $144.3
1992 - $149.6
1993 - $173.4
1994 - $180.9
1995 - $193.3
1996 - $192.6
1997 - $198.5
1998 - $203.5
1999 - $215.0
2000 - $238.9
2001 - $253.9
2002 - $265.0
2003 - $273.4
2004 - $278.3
2005 - $286.0
2006 - $282.9
2007 - $283.1
2008 - $300.0
Fiscal ResponsibilityRecent efforts to defund Planned Parenthood focus mainly on financial concerns. Bill O'Reilly put it succinctly in a recent television show, "WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY! Although Planned Parenthood makes a billion dollars a year it received $300 million in tax dollars in the fiscal year ending in June 2008 according to an August 4, 2008 Congressional Research Service Report for Congress. Other sources report the 2008 figure as high as 349 million. In 1971 Planned Parenthood received $6 million in federal funds, by 1972 they received $61.8 million, a 930% increase! Planned Parenthood's tax funds increased by leaps and bounds with only a 23% decrease under Ronald Reagan in 1982. Congress restored that funding as abortion rates continued to climb.
Taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood increased significantly from the last year of George Bush 41's term to the end of Bill Clinton's term; federal funds to Planned Parenthood increased by nearly 44% . The most shocking increase was from 1971 to 2008, growing from $6 million to $300 million, an increase of 4900%! How many government programs have seen that kind of increase? When do we say enough?
When do we say Planned Parenthood you've taken enough of taxpayer's money?

Planned Parenthood Deserves to Lose Their Federal Funding - Technorati Technorati Women

A 20 year old pro-life student named Mary Lane posted a great column called "Planned Parenthood Deserves to Lose their Federal Funding", but the real story is found in the comments that follow. Many of these people need to be educated about PP. From Miss Lane's article: "If you missed it, Lila Rose’s Youth-Led organization, called Live Action, has posted a handful of videos over the past few years exposing the corruptions of Planned Parenthood. In the most recent videos, Planned Parenthood workers at 3 separate clinics are shown helping an undercover actor posing as a pimp to keep his “sex work” with minors a secret, giving him advice on where to take the girls to get medical care before going back out on the street to make him more money." . Visit: Planned Parenthood Deserves to Lose Their Federal Funding - Technorati Technorati Women:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pro-Life Billboard on Black Abortions Causes Outrage in NYC | LifeNews.com

"A new billboard in New York City is causing outrage from abortion advocates upset by the message: “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

The billboard hopes to draw attention to the fact that African-Americans have abortions in much higher rates than their White and Hispanic counterparts and that Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses frequently target the black community by placing new abortion centers in minority neighborhood" Visit:Pro-Life Billboard on Black Abortions Causes Outrage in NYC | LifeNews.com:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Planned Parenthood: affiliates must do abortions | The Alaska Standard

"(Baptist Press) Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the country's leading abortion provider, has made a move that will likely increase its share of the market in the lethal procedure by requiring each of its affiliates to offer abortions in at least one clinic" visit:Planned Parenthood: affiliates must do abortions | The Alaska Standard:

Valentines Day Vigil for Victims of Abuse to Protest Planned Parenthood

This Vigil for Victims of underage sex trafficking was organized outside the Planned Parenthood office in Scranton, PA Monday, February 14.

During the last two weeks, the national media has been abuzz with the shocking story of the undercover sting operation that caught abortion giant Planned Parenthood red-handed in the despicable act of aiding and abetting sex trafficking and prostitution of girls as young as 14.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Abortion doctor's arrest brings painful reminder to former patient - CNN.com

"LaToya Ransome sits near a space heater in her grandmother's living room in north Philadelphia.
'I still deal with it all the time,' she says, glancing at the TV and grazing two fingers over a raised scar over her heart. 'I'm gonna deal with it until the day that I die because if I wouldn't have gotten the procedure done, none of that would have never happened.'"Visit: Abortion doctor's arrest brings painful reminder to former patient - CNN.com:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pennsylvania State Workers Fired In Wake Of West Philadelphia Abortion Probe « CBS Philly

Nine state workers in the Department of Health or the Department of State have either resigned or have been fired in the wake of the scandal over abortionist Kermit Gosnell's 'house of horrors'. Other workers are being investigated. Gosnell is charged with 8 counts of murder. Gosnell's abortion clinic had not been inspected since 1993.

Governor Corbett announced there will be annual inspections at abortion clinics in Pennsylvania including random unannounced inspections. Visit:Pennsylvania State Workers Fired In Wake Of West Philadelphia Abortion Probe « CBS Philly

Friday, February 11, 2011

Shocking Photos Of Gosnell Murder Victims Included in Grand Jury Report :Operation Rescue

From Operation Rescue:
"Philadelphia, PA – District Attorney R. Seth Williams released a 281 page Grand Jury Report today that was the basis for murder charges against abortionist Kermit Gosnell and nine of his associates. Included in that report were photos of some of Gosnell’s victims.

We are posting copies of these images so that the full truth of the horrific nature of these crimes can be understood. In the report, the Grand Jury notes that several agencies and groups became aware of what has become known as Gosnell’s “shop of horrors” but did nothing.

Just the day after the death of Karnamaya Mongar, Gosnell had applied for membership to the National Abortion Federations, whose meager guidelines Gosnell could not meet. Even though an NAF staff person spent several days in Gosnell’s abortion mill noting numerous violations, they did not think to report him to the proper authorities." Visit: Shocking Photos Of Gosnell Murder Victims Included in Grand Jury Report :Operation Rescue:

Vigil on Valentines day in front of your local Planned Parenthood

Source: Expose Planned Parenthood.

Monday, February 14, 2011
12 noon -1:00 pm
Planned Parenthood Offices Nationwide

Vigil For Victims
of underage sex trafficking

Are you sick and tired of Planned Parenthood getting $363 MILLION of taxpayer funding a year -- while aiding and abetting illegal underage sex trafficking?

Take a public stand Monday 2/14 and tell Congress:

"Vigils for Victims" of underage sex trafficking are being organized outside Planned Parenthood offices coast-to-coast on Monday, February 14, from Noon to 1 PM in each U.S. Time Zone ...
... and YOU can make a profound impact in one hour!
Consider these facts:
For the last two weeks, the national media has been abuzz with the shocking story of the undercover sting operation that caught abortion giant Planned Parenthood red-handed in the despicable act of aiding and abetting sex trafficking and prostitution of girls as young as 14
Numerous undercover videos have now been released, documenting Planned Parenthood workers at multiple locations across several states assuring an undercover investigator posing as a pimp that the organization would secretly provide abortions and other services to underage victims of human trafficking, facilitating their exploitation
Federal law is clear: "Sex trafficking of minors is a federal crime and punishable by imprisonment for 10 years to life." (18 U.S. Code 1591) Additionally, "any person who aids abets, or counsels a federal crime to be committed may be punished as if they had committed the crime themselves." (18 U.S. Code 2)
The institution-wide scandal has now reached the highest levels at Planned Parenthood, with top executives making the appalling claim that their workers who were caught on video facilitating underage sex slavery "responded professionally."
After receiving a record $363 MILLION in taxpayer funds last year, Planned Parenthood's president Cecile Richards then had the audacity to send out an urgent appeal for abortion advocates to contact Congress -- so the organization can rake in even MORE of your hard-earned tax dollars!
And if that wasn't enough, now Planned Parenthood is attempting to hijack Valentine's Day as a marketing gimmick to expand its harmful agenda, shove condoms into the hands of our young children, and lure even more vulnerable victims into its facilities.


We must act swiftly and take a public stand against Planned Parenthood's harmful agenda -- raising awareness in the communities where we live, and calling upon Congress to IMMEDIATELY strip the abortion chain of all tax funding.
This Monday, February 14, all people of faith and conscience are being called upon to hold one-hour "Vigils for Victims" of human trafficking during the Noon hour in the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood offices nationwide.
This requires rapid action, but will show Planned Parenthood -- and the media -- the power of pro-life America to bring about change!
It's simple! Here's all you need to do ...

Find the Planned Parenthood nearest to you! Go to: http://www.plannedparenthood.org
On the right side of that web page, enter your zip code or state to find the nearest facility. Write down that information.
Make plans to gather with other people of faith and conscience on Monday, February 14, from Noon to 1 PM (in your time zone) in the public right of way outside of that Planned Parenthood location.
Know your rights! Download and print the following legal letter and fact sheet prepared for you by the attorneys at the Thomas More Legal Society (PDF file):


Holding a vigil is completely legal, and must remain peaceful and prayerful.

Pharmacy Mistakenly Gives Pregnant Woman Abortion Pill | The Blaze

A first-time mother might lose her unborn child after her Colorado pharmacy mistakenly sent her home with an abortion pill instead of the antibiotic her doctor prescribed her.

Mareena Silva, who is six months pregnant, received the incorrect prescription drug last Thursday. “I took it because I thought it was mine,” Silva told Denver’s local ABC affiliate. But after she began to feel nauseous, a closer ..... (Many of the comments afterward are quite interesting.) Visit: Pharmacy Mistakenly Gives Pregnant Woman Abortion Pill | The Blaze

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Press Relase from the Madison Center

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Contact: James Bopp, Jr.

Advocacy Groups Seek To Halt Public Funding For 2011 Supreme Court Race

Today, Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee asked a federal court to prevent Wisconsin’s public funding scheme from being implemented for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates, asserting it is an unconstitutional infringement of their First Amendment free speech rights.

Under the scheme, supreme court candidates who agree not to fundraise are given initial campaign funds from the state of $300,000, with additional “rescue fund” money of up totally $900,000, depending on the amount spent by third parties and their opponents. Those who do not take public funding are limited to $1,000 contributions.

Wisconsin Right to Life’s PAC plans to spend its own money supporting candidates for the upcoming 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Wisconsin Right to Life wants to stop the inclusion of non-candidate spending in determining when a publicly funded candidate has been out-spent by a traditionally funded opponent and is entitled to rescue funds. The request would also halt rules that require additional reports on its spending because the reports are in place solely to make sure candidates receive additional public funding. Prosperity PAC and Mr. Mitchell want to give more than $1,000 and seek to enjoin the $1,000 contribution limit.

According to James Bopp, Jr., counsel for all three plaintiffs, “under this system, simply running an ad against a candidate can result in that candidate getting more taxpayer money.” Says Bopp, “people are chilled from speaking in support of a candidate because doing so will likely result in providing additional funds to that candidate’s opponent. And donors are limited in how much they can give to discourage candidates from choosing not to participate.”

The case is Wisconsin Right to Life v. Brennan, et al., 3:09-cv-764. The memo for injunctive relief is available in PDF online at the James Madison Center’s website, www.jamesmadisoncenter.org, under the “WRTL v. Brennan.”

James Bopp, Jr. has a national federal and state election law practice. He is General Counsel for the James Madison Center for Free Speech and former Co-Chairman of the Election Law Subcommittee of the Federalist Society.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tennessee Titans hire Mike Munchak as head coach - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN

Scranton native named head coach. "Mike has been successful at everything he has been associated with at our franchise and I have no reason to believe that he won't be successful as our head coach,'' Adams said in a statement. ''He earned Hall of Fame distinction as a player..." Visit:Tennessee Titans hire Mike Munchak as head coach - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN:

Friday, February 04, 2011

Honus Wagner Sporting Goods, Downtown, to close after 93 years - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"After 93 years, the Honus Wagner Sporting Goods store, Downtown, is closing.

Harriet Shapiro — who, along with husband Murray, is the fourth generation to own the store — today confirmed by telephone the closing from her Florida home, stating 'there was no one in her family willing to operate the store.'

Plans are to begin a 'going out of business' sale within the next few days, or by the end of the week, a sale that could last for up to 60 days, said an employee who declined to identify himself.

The building at 320 Forbes Ave. is under option to be purchased by Point Park University" Visit:Honus Wagner Sporting Goods, Downtown, to close after 93 years - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Thursday, February 03, 2011

HHS Grants 14,000 Minnesota Enrollees an Exemption to Health Care Reform Act

HHS Grants 14,000 Minnesota Enrollees an Exemption to Health Care Reform Act

Unconstitutional! | judge, ruling, act - Opinion - The Orange County Register

"'The Constitution establishes a framework of limited government in order to protect our liberty,' commented Pacific Legal Foundation principal attorney Timothy Sandefur. 'You simply can't square constitutional, limited government with the Obama Administration's idea of forcing everyone to buy health insurance, or any other product or service. Judge Vinson has brought us back to basics and reminded us that we do not live in a society where our lives are ordered by bureaucrats in Washington D.C.'Unconstitutional! | judge, ruling, act - Opinion - The Orange County Register:


WASHINGTON – As reported in the Associated Press today, Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist in Pennsylvania was charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of one "patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors."

In response, the following may be attributed to David N. O'Steen, Ph.D., National Right to Life executive director:

This tragic report once again reminds us that the purpose of each abortion – no matter how it is performed – is to deliberately and brutally take at least one innocent human life. The victims are helpless little members of the human family, and this is equally true whether the killing is completed inside or outside of the womb. And tragically, in this case, it is reported that a mother also lost her life. If the reports prove true, these individuals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. (Jan. 19, 2011)

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of 50 state right-to-life organizations and more than 3,000 local chapters nationwide, is the nation's largest pro-life group. National Right to Life works through legislation and education to protect those threatened by abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Not the Only House of Horrors: Troubled Baton Rouge Abortion Mill Has Disturbing Ties to Gosnell :Operation Rescue

"Baton Rouge, Louisiana – A troubled Louisiana abortion clinic has ties to accused murderer Kermit Gosnell, according to a Pennsylvania grand jury report.

The Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge is the former employer of Gosnell employee Eileen O’Neill, who was arrested last week along with Gosnell and charged with criminal violations that include Theft by Deception for pretending to be a licensed physician and charging fees as such, Racketeering, Corruption, Perjury, and False Swearing. O’Neill was present during the abortion death of Karnamaya Mongar and, according to the grand jury report, lied to authorities in order to cover up the truth about Mongar’s death.

The American Catholic Lawyers Association was in Baton Rouge last week and threatened a lawsuit if the Delta Clinic is not shut down. (See news video below from 01/20/11.) Those attorneys indicate that an internal report made by the Department of Health and Hospitals lists numerous violations at the Delta Clinic that more that warrant closure. The DHH continues to make excuses for conditions at Delta, much the same way regulators in Pennsylvania turned a blind eye to complaints about Gosnell in what the grand jury there described as a “complete regulatory collapse.”" Visit:Not the Only House of Horrors: Troubled Baton Rouge Abortion Mill Has Disturbing Ties to Gosnell :Operation Rescue: